Isnin, 25 Februari 2008

YOU Reign - Joel Houston HILLSONGs

Salah satu lagu baru dari Joel Houstons yang di rakam khas utk konsert terbaru mereka Hillsongs Under 21st ... sebuah ballad CCM yang sangat menarik .. melodi alternative yang segar dan vokal utamanya sgt kena dgn lagu ini ... malah liriknya sangat bagus .. salah satu fav alternative CCM yang saya ada ... melodinya memang aduhhh "berhantu" ... anda boleh mendengarkannya melalui AUDIO player saya d side bar ...


What could stand before You
As You chose to embrace
A cross so undeserved You took for me
The weight of sin upon You
When You offered Your life
As You walked the streets of men
With fading strength

How could we live but not see
Your sacrifice
Your glory

You reign, You reign
Over everything Lord, You reign
With power, and justice divine
Over everything Lord, You reign

What was Your last thought
As You drew Your last breath
Where the victory was Yours for us to see
And all will know the truth
As we live by Your grace
Every praise to You alone

See now the King of Glory
Love of God become my calling
Father I surrender all I am to You forever

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