Khamis, 30 Disember 2010

Khairul Fahmi Che Mat - Keeper terbaik Malaysia dalam pembikinan

Keeper Malaysia memang hebat dalam perlawanan akhir kedua menentang Indonesia, bukan saja menyelamatkan sepakan penalti tetapi juga menyelamatkan banyak cubaan yang bahaya dari pemain Indonesia .. Syabas juga buat Safee yang semakin kompiden dlm membuat serangan berseorangan.

petikan dari :
KUALA LUMPUR, 29 DECEMBER, 2010: Goalkeeper Khairul Fahmi Che Mat's sterling performance not only wooed new fans to his Facebook account but was also ranked fifth in top worldwide trend for social networking site Twitter.

Within one hour, the Kelantan-born goalkeeper climbed from relatively unknown to fifth most popular trend worldwide, beating "Support Timnas", which supported the Indonesian football team.

Khairul Fahmi was also most popular topic trend for Twitter in Indonesia.

His Facebook page managed 57,000 hits when this article was written, less than two hours compared with less than 50,000 fans before the match began.

Khairul Fahmi,21, managed to make more than 10 heart-stopping saves from the Indonesian team which attacked from the whistle.

"Thank you for bringing back sexy Malaysian football," said one of his fans in the player's football page.

Five of top ten worldwide Twitter trends were dominated by 90 minutes match of the second leg AFF Suzuki Cup final at Bung Karno Stadium.

Previously, Twitter was a platform for furious Indonesian fans who accusing Malaysia of unfairly winning the first leg final in Kuala Lumpur while Malaysian fans preferred to show their love and support in Facebook page.

Prolific striker Mohd Safee Mohd Sali received almost 17,000 "Like" hits on Facebook from 15,000 halfway through the match.

Mohd Safee who scored the first goal during the second leg was also the top scorer of the whole tournament with five goals.

Manchester United player Rio Ferdinand also congratulated the Malaysian team through his twitter account @rioferdy5.

"Congratulations to Malaysia who beat Indonesia in the Suzuki Cup final. I played against the Malaysian under 23 team 18 months ago. Quite a good team," he said.

Southeast Asians are major users of Twitter and Facebook with Indonesia having 15 million tweeters, the third highest after US and Brazil while Malaysians have the most Facebook "friends" averaging 230 friends per users.

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  1. Memang gempak dan superb ... Syabas

  2. Dia kena laser juga tapi dia tdk buat hal macam keeper Indonesia yang keluar padang .. Tahnia buat Fahmi atas ketenangan kamu menjaga Malaysia dari serangan pihak lawan.

  3. lagu lama...maling teriak maling